DDos Protection

DDos Protection

Denial-of- service (DoS) attacks are on the rise and have evolved into complex and overwhelming security challenge for organizations large and small. Although DoS attacks are not a recent phenomenon, the methods and resources available to conduct and mask such attacks have dramatically evolved to include distributed (DDoS) and, more recently, distributed reflector (DRDoS) attacks—attacks that simply cannot be addressed by traditional on-premise solutions.

TME Network is one of the largest DDoS protection networks in the world. We offer protection based on Anycast technology and have successfully mitigated attacks bigger than 400Gbps. We believe that you shouldn't be penalized for the spike in network traffic associated with a distributed attack. With TME DDoS protection, you can rest assured that your site will stay online and you'll have a predictable monthly bill.

TME Network's advanced DDoS protection, provisioned as a service at the network edge, matches the sophistication and scale of such threats, and can be used to mitigate attacks of all forms and sizes including those that target the UDP and ICMP protocols, as well as SYN/ACK, DNS amplification and Layer 7 attacks.

TME Network's 10Tbps DDoS protection Anycast network can handle any denial-of- service (DoS) attack thrown at it. Our total capacity is much larger than the typical DDoS attack, and it's 10X bigger than the largest attack ever recorded.


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