MLM Solution

MLM Solution

TME Network MLM Solution is an integrated system with multi-functional features and modules specially designed to cater for MLM companies, to calculate, data collection, data analyzing, sales summarization and calculation of various payments i.e. bonuses, sales, overriding commission etc.

Tested and Proven

With TME Network’s sophisticated engine-core, our system has been proven to deal in complex calculations with precision and accuracy in results. With our rigorous months of trial testing runs , TME Network’s system is proven to be stable and secure.

By using web based application, TME Network’s application system is user friendly, costs effective on maintenance and support, providing an added advantage in monthly reduction on operational costs.

Our software is Server installed thus providing end users with minimal hands-on requirements, canceling and bypassing messy downloads. New update for clients, company updates, maintenance and error remediation can easily be rectified through web server application.

With our multi-platform compatibility, we can accommodate all users operating on Windows, Linux, MacOS systems, and all browsers (i.e. Chrome, Firefox etc)

With a simple URL given to the client for login , we will take care the rest of the technology.


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