Content Distribution Network

Content Distribution Network

TME Network’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a very efficient and affordable solution for businesses of all sizes. CDN is a group of servers hosted at different physical locations, working together to distribute or deliver your content (CSS and Javascript files, downloadable objects, applications, real-time media streams, and much more) through multiple servers instead of a single server you are hosting in.

With CDN technology, a client or website visitors accesses a copy of data from the server closest to them instead of accessing to single central server. CDN help to avoid bottleneck near that server. It improved the response time; therefore making a website load faster. CDN helps you to immediately boost up your website performance and improve your website loading speed. It will enhance your website visitor browsing experience, increase their confidence with your company and hence improve website visitor and multiply your repeating sales.

By hosting your static contents on CDN, you do not have to immediately upgrade to a Dedicated Server or add costly bandwidth when your website traffic grows. You do not even have to buy expensive hardware, costly software or pay large upfront payment and setup fees.

You can start with our basic package and upgrade any time when your website traffic grows. Increase your website’s loading speed immediately once CDN is successfully activated within 24 hours upon successful subscription. Upon receiving of your CDN account login details, you can easily setup your configure CDN to your website within few mouse click. No investment on any new hardware, software is required save you time and money. Your CDN will be up and running in less than 30 minutes.


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