Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers

TME Network Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are ideal for small to medium sized agencies that regularly create or monitor websites for their clients. They are also suitable for the web hosting of the internet presence of freelancers or small businesses.

As all our virtual server solutions have full root or administrator access, small to medium sized online shops can also be hosted , depending on the complexity of shop system used, number of products and customer traffic to the page. The root access also makes our virtual server hosting an affordable option for telephone systems, database applications and mail servers. The fast external connection to the internet ensures that accessing your website or application is problem-free. The exchange of data is limitless no matter how data is uploaded or direct access from your servers – the connection capacity remains high.

Renting one of our Virtual Private Servers is much affordable, a powerful and reliable solution. The VPS are driven by powerful processors and provide guaranteed memory with extremely high memory space. Whether you choose Linux or Windows as your operating system, the updates are installed independently by the server.

Choose your Virtual Server Package in accordance with your performance and memory needs. Generally, a virtual server from TME Network relieves some of the technical administration of your hosting system. Your server is run by one of the most secure hosting systems in Asia. Numerous connections through a high power fibre-optic network mean the availability of your VPS server is guaranteed at almost 100 percent secure.


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